Cables  of Various Sizes

Cables of Various Sizes & Voltages ranging from1.1 KV,11 KV,33KV & 66KV

Cable Fault Van

Cable Fault Van & Hi Pot Testing Machine of Low Tension & High Tension Cables.

Cable Jointing kits

Cable Jointing kits Indoor/Outdoor/Straight ThroughVarious Sizes & Voltage ranging from 1.1 KV, 11KV, 33KV & 66KV.

Flexible Cable

Flexible Cable, Multi core cable & Industrial Cables


Transformers Single Phase & Three phase of various KVA Ratings.

Junction Boxes

Junction Boxes Ip65/Ip66/Ip67 Standards

Earthing Solutions

Maintenance free Earthing Solutions and Lightening Arrester.

Metering Cubical

Metering Cubical, VCB, and Load break Switch

Control Panels

Control Panels

Overhead line materials

Overhead line materials Low Tension and High Tension Lines equipments

Street Light Poles

Street Light Poles, RSJ Poles & High Mast Lamp

DWC Pipe

Double Wall Corrugated pipe for Cable Protection. ( DWC Pipe )

Single Phase

Single Phase & Three Phase Motors and Soft Starter.

Battery Chargers

Battery Chargers 2 in 1, 4 in 1, 5 in 1, 12V/10A, 12V/32A etc.